Welcome to Skyfly Decoys

We are a direct manufacturer and dealer of tyvek windsock decoys with collapsible backbone support system. We are a newly-born decoy brand but the team behind our decoy product has rich manufacturing experience 

What make our windsock decoys stand out among other brands are:  Quality durable tyvek material from Dupont;  Perfect sewing work for the windsock decoy bag; Lifelike printing with no shiny spots; Unique collapsible backbone support, easy to carry, simple to depoy, little to store, durable to use; Perfect size of 20 inch decoys flies elegantly even under the strongest wind; Most important: our price is the LOWEST on the market whether retail or wholesale.

We offer windsock decoys retail service, decoys wholesale service, custom decoys manufacturing&branding service.  Thus we cater to the needs of different customers, hunters, outfitting guiders, waterfowl equipment dealers, companies who look to have their own decoys manufactured.

Contact us for more information!  Good Luck with Your Hunting Trip!

Decoy Featuers

(1) Lightweight&Durable Tyvek Nonwoven Fibre Material from Dupont USA Company
(2) Ideal 20'' Length and Silhouette Perfectly Matches Snow/Blue Geese, Mallard, Canada Goose and Flies Elegantly under the Strongest Wind
(3) Exquisite Sewing Work from Experienced Sewing Technicians
(4) Durable&Flexible Collar Tape allows Maximum Wind Flow
(5) Sturdy Bronze Grommets distinguishes our Decoys from others
(6) Water Draining Holes are Evenly Punched to Make Water Draining Fast and Smoothly
(7) Lifelike Printing Patterns are Completely Matte. No Light Reflection under Strong Sunlight
(8) Backbone Support makes the Decoy "Fly" under No-Wind Conditions
(9) Swivellable Support Moves the Decoy Natually when Wind Changes Direction
(10) Collapsible Backbone Makes Carrying and Storage Easy
(11) 24 Inch Black Fibreglass Stakes is Unbreakable but Lightweight
(12) Two Nylon Retainers are assembled to Every Decoy so that the Collar Size&Shape can be Adjusted to Your Need