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The Most Efficient and Reliable Windsock Decoys Backbone Support System with Snap Locking

We created this backbone support system for hunters who are running huge spreads. Saving them more than 50% time in deployment and collection compared to windsock decoys from other companies. It's a simple pull up to open and push down to close. No extra effort required.

Per our own test and test from customers(see below video review), it takes less than one second to open the windsock decoy and less than one second to close it. One man can easily deploy several hundreds of decoys within one hour.

The backbone support system keep the windsock in shape under the slightest wind or no-wind condition. Also with the sweivelling and locking mechanism, it avoids any death-thrash in high wind.

26'' Fiberglass stake is lightweight but yet strong and unbreakable. It's longer than stakes of other decoy companies who offer 24'' ones. 

Being Simple is Being Reliable: We offer a 3-year warranty on all of our backbone support systems.

One of our customer posted a great video review of our windsock decoys a few years ago:

Quality Material, Sturdy Sewing and Amazing Printing of Our Windsocks

We use industry-standard Tyvek material sourced from Certified Dealers of Dupont.

The whole manufacturing process of our windsock bodies are well-controlled and monitored, from material sourcing, cutting, printing and sewing. We focus on every detail to the slightest thing such as sewing thread. This is the neatest-sewn windsock you ever see. 

We use all matte printing material. So absolute no-glare on all of our windsocks. Pattern is well designed. Printing substrate is thick and color is long-lasting. Printing does not fade or chip. 

Our windsocks are 15% larger than ones from other decoy companies so they are easier to be spotted by birds from high above. 


Our windsock decoys are packed in quality&thick corrugated boxes, protecting them from damages in shipping transition. Decoys are well packed and compact. Takes much less space than fullbody decoys and they are light-weight. With the help of our decoy storage bag, one can move large spreads easily. 

Our decoys are fully assembled and ready for deploying. No extra efforts required. 

Pricing and Cost

When we first entered the windsock decoys business, we offered our decoys at half of the price you pay to other decoy companies. We are proud to say that we changed the game in the windsock decoy industry

We have been struggling to keep our costs and overheads low so that our price to you is absolutely the lowest in the whole industry. 

If you ever find a windsock decoy that is as good, well designed and well-made as ours but lower-priced, let us know. We will get it to you at a lower cost.