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About SkyFly Decoys

SkyFly Decoys launched with one vision in mind, create the most effective and versatile windsock decoys ever. As avid waterfowl hunter ourselves, we've run the windsock decoys gambit and were always left wanting more out of the decoys. Something had to give and it appeared the only way out was for us to break the mould. We began with an intuitive and user friendly design, featuring a standard 26 inch stake, allowing for more freedom in spread deployment, as well as a collapsible locking backbone which streamlined set up/breakdown while maximizing storage space. With fewer trips from the trailer to the field, your time and energy can be spent grassing blinds or setting the spread, ensuring you'll be ready for the birds at start shoot. Next, we formulated a plan to ensure that our decoys remain affordable for everyone. Just as The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Mission Statement: working with others, to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people”, we too adhered to this same spirit, providing the "average joe" hunter a viable opportunity in the waterfowl game, without having to put a lien against the house or sell a kidney on the black market to afford a decoy spread. Still, we managed to produce an innovative decoy, engineered with quality materials at industry leading prices, how? We strive to keep our overhead costs low in order to pass these savings onto our fellow hunters. In doing so, we avoid bloated marketing campaigns to provide a rugged decoy at wallet friendly prices, because let's be honest, would you rather look at pretty pictures of other people using decoys or would you rather own decoys?