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Snow Goose Decoys w/ Detachable 2D Feeder Head

Snow Goose Decoys w/ Detachable 2D Feeder Head
Head Features:
  • Detachable tough-hard 2D Feeder Head with Reallistic Matte Painting
  • Head Spins Completely Freely with the Windsock Body without the Stake Going Through
  • The Deatchable Design is Extremely Friendly with Storage
  • Takes Only 1 Second to Attach or Remove
 Decoy Features:
  • Highly-Rated and Field-Proven, Surives Strong Winds and Toughest Weathers with No Malfunction
  • Collapsible Backbone Support with Snap Locking, Push to Close and Pull to Open
  • 26'' Fiberglass Stake, SHARPENED
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Snow Goose Windsock Decoys with Detachable 2D Feeder Head

This smartly-designed and detachable 2D feeder head is made of tough-hard corrugated plastic board with reallistic matte painting. 

The head spins completely freely and smoothly with the backbone support. No death thrash. 

Latch-On mechanism takes only 1-2 seconds to attach the head and the same amount of time to detach.

For storage, with the head detached, you can easily put up to 160-200 pcs into our Heavy Duty Decoy Carry Bag

Our highly-rated windsock decoy with collapsible backbone support system is highly efficient and durable. Survives the toughest weather conditions and high winds. 

Sharpened 26'' Fiberglass stakes makes it easier to go into frozen grounds. 

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